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Human Biologicals Institute
1. Abhay -TAG - Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis Vaccine(Adsorbed)
2. Abhay-TOX - Tetanus Vaccine (Adsorbed) I.P
3. Abhayrab - Purified Vero Cell Rabies Vaccine
4. AbhayRIG - Equine Origin Rabies Immunoglobulin 1500 IU/5mL
5. Elovac- B Hepatitis B- Vaccine I.P. (r- DNA)

TETGLOB - Manufacture for Bharat Serum and Vaccines Limited


TETGLOB®:(Tetanus Immunoglobulin B.P.) is indicated for prophylaxis against tetanus following injury in-patients whose immunisation is complete or uncertain.
TETGLOB®(Tetanus Immunoglobulin B.P.) should be administered with appropriate wound management. Simultaneous active immunisation must be started using a different injection site and syringe.
TETGLOB®(Tetanus Immunoglobulin B.P.) is also used therapeutically in the treatment of Tetanus, the recommended dose being 4 to 300 units/kg body weight given intramuscularly into different sites. (See DOSAGE & ADMINISTRATION)
TETGLOB®(Tetanus Immunoglobulin B.P.) obtained from human plasma offers the following important advantages compared with the heterologous serum:

Advantage of TETGLOB®(Tetanus Immunoglobulin B.P.) over A.T.S. of animal origin.

TETGLOB® (Tetanus Immunoglobulin B.P.)
Species Homologous (Human Donor Plasma) Heterologous (Animal Origin)
Anaphylactic Reaction None Possible
Protection Period Small Large
Protection Dose Prophylaxis: 250 I. U.
Therapy: 500 - 6,000 I. U.
Prophylaxis: 1500 I. U. Therapy: 10,000 - 25,000 I. U.
Repeated Dose 23 days 8 days
Other Advantages Possible fetal protection as it crosses the placenta No possible fetal protection

Summary of Recommended Dosage Schedule:

Prophylaxis :  
In High risk injuries to non-immune and immune patients (Above 7 Years) 250 I.U. Deep IM
500 I.U. Deep IM (if 24 hours have not passed since injury or with a risk of heavy contamination)
In High risk injuries to non-immune and immune patients (Below 7 Years) 4 Units/kg or 250 I.U. Deep IM
Therapeutic : Clinical tetanus Prophylaxis: 250 I. U.
Therapy: 500 - 6,000 I. U.
Newborn (Tetanus Neonatorum) 250 I.U. to 500 I.U. IM and/or 250 I.U. intra-thecal.
Children(Above 7 Years) & Adults 500 to 3,000 I.U. IM and/or 500 I.U. intra-thecal.


Vials containing Human Tetanus Immunoglobulin equivalent to Tetanus antitoxin 250 / 500 / 1000 I.U.