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About Intexmatrix®

About Intexmatrix ImageIntexmatrix is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies exhibiting excellent growth ever since it’s founding. The company  in itself is a family committed to develop innovative means to market medical products. A variety of customers’ medical needs are being met by our wide range of supplies, right from the most familiar to the rarest life-saving medicines (anti-cancer medicines), super speciality medicines, U.S EPA Registration speciality hygiene disinfectant chemicals(new generation quarter ammonium chemicals).

We believe that enjoying a disease-free and healthy life is the legitimate right of all fellow beings on planet Earth. To this end, the organization works as a team promoting a variety of drugs that would be affordable to the different sections of the society.

Our customers are our wealth. Their satisfaction is our pride. Keeping the smile going is our duty. Members of Intexmatrix have their focus fixed on these concerns as they sail through each day.

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